As we observe Memorial Day this week, I hope you and your family have time to take a moment in gratitude today to remember those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom and security of our country.

We’re living in new territory right now, and I want to continue to spread this message of gratitude, in support of our local community. This topic is a little unusual for me, but I’ve been thinking about how recent events highlighted just how truly connected we all are.

“Wellness” means a lot of things, and it encompasses so many areas of our lives. 

Community and connection definitely fall under that umbrella.

The past couple of months have been unprecedented (at least in our lifetime). Communities around the world have done an amazing job of pulling together. 

Let’s continue that by supporting the small businesses that make our own local community so great.

These businesses are owned by people who support our local youth sports teams … who step up for fundraisers … who provide jobs … and who are an important part of our local fabric in so many ways! Years from now, we’ll look back in hindsight and feel proud of how we all pulled together by supporting each other!

My Personal Nighttime Routine

My Personal Nighttime Routine

It’s amazing how one little habit and mindset shift can turn everything around. I’ve shared a couple of stories recently about my personal experience with morning routines. I thought it’d be a good idea to talk a little bit about my nighttime routine! Because it plays a huge role in my wellness.

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