Save this workout on your phone

I’ve got a double-duty workout that’ll get your heart pumping AND work nearly every muscle group in your body.
You game? This workout is PERFECT for when you’re traveling or strapped for time, so save this on your phone and come back to it whenever you’re too busy for a full-blown gym session!

Here’s how to do the “Time Crunch” Workout…

**Warm up for 3-5 minutes: walk in place, do arm and leg swings, etc.

Then, do the following circuit 1-3 times through:
(you can click on the exercise name for a demonstration)

This circuit is perfect for traveling, extra busy days, or even when you’re feeling like skipping your workout and you need to get SOMETHING on the books.

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Rob Quimby, CPT

Owner, Fitness Lifestyle LLC



Rob is the owner and founder of Fitness Lifestyle Personal Training. He has been training for over thirty-three years; seventeen of those years as a personal trainer helping others reach their goals.