Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday this year! 

We at Fitness Lifestyle are honored that you have chosen to be part of our fitness family.

Here is our wish for you: It’s that you continue to make the time for YOU and your self-care … 

and that you make YOU a priority. 

Because when you make yourself a priority – you are more fulfilled, happier, healthier … and you can show up for everyone else in your life in an even stronger and more impactful way. 

Being part of someone’s fitness team is not something we take lightly. 

So … thank YOU for trusting in us to help you get there.  

Happy & Healthy Holidays!


Why Muscle Matters

Why Muscle Matters

And by action, I mean enjoying outdoor activities, having fun with family or friends, sports, adventures, and being able to EASILY go through your daily activities – with energy to spare!

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Rob is the owner and founder of Fitness Lifestyle Personal Training.

He has been training for over thirty-three years; seventeen of those years as a personal trainer helping others reach their goals.