1. It includes encouragement. With all the intensity, variety, intervals and more, you do not need to worry about getting motivated once you’re inside Boot Camp. And you do not need to worry if you will fit in. You are already invited, welcome, and encouraged!

  2. It includes fun. Boot Camp is tough, but you will not regret sharing the group energy available to you in this amazing class. So the number one reason you need to try it now, like any fitness program, is to find your own fun in it!
  3. People love it. Popularity isn’t everything but it tells you something really important: a lot of other members just like you have given Boot Camp a try and it stuck. Shouldn’t you find out for yourself why these classes have been such a favorite for so long?
  4. It includes strength training. You will pick things up and lift them. Strength training builds muscle and – you guessed it – makes you stronger. When you build muscle and get stronger you become a more efficient machine, and you look good, too!
  5. It includes cardio. You will be getting that heart rate right where you want it, and that sweet spot will help you burn the fat you don’t need and sweat out the bad mood you don’t want.

    Because Boot Camp burns off bad fat and bad moods, you feel better.Sign up now… (First class Free) send me a Text 513.772.4530 and Get ready for one of the best workouts of your life. Class is held at World Gym on Saturdays at 12:30

Why Muscle Matters

Why Muscle Matters

And by action, I mean enjoying outdoor activities, having fun with family or friends, sports, adventures, and being able to EASILY go through your daily activities – with energy to spare!

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