How to make your goals stick in 2023

Ready to make some serious progress on your goals in 2023?

Well, I’ve got an exercise that’ll help in a BIG way.

Remember this quote from Nelson Mandela: “I either win or I learn”

… because it’ll help set the tone for what you’re about to do.

Ready? Let’s get into it!


Think back to this time last year and ask yourself: What goals did you set for this year?

Did you make the progress you wanted to make? What helped you? What got in your way?

How different is your life now vs. then?


Imagine yourself a year from now. What do you want to accomplish by Dec. 31, 2023?

WHY does it matter to you?

How will it make things different in your day-to-day life?


Once you’ve reflected on these questions, it’s time to apply your insights to help make your goals a REALITY in 2023.

What do you need to learn? What do you need to do differently?

How can you jump the hurdles that are sure to get in your way next year?

What specific actions will you commit to doing?

Reflection is something that many people don’t take the time to do…

And sadly, it plays a role in why some people never reach their goals or full potential!

But that won’t be you next year — because now you’re equipped with some POWERFUL questions!

Once you’ve put some thought into it (and if you write down your thoughts it’s even MORE powerful!) …

You’re ready to put together an effective PLAN to bring those goals to life.

It’s time to make 2023 one of the best years of your life … and that can begin TODAY!

Rob Quimby, CPT

Owner, Fitness Lifestyle LLC



Rob is the owner and founder of Fitness Lifestyle Personal Training. He has been training for over thirty-three years; seventeen of those years as a personal trainer helping others reach their goals.


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